Hello friends, I'm Casey (or Queen)
18 | gender neutral | Pan/Demisexual

[They/Them pronouns if you'd please ^u^]

I like a lot of things including Legos, Transformers, anime, comcics, AH/RT, Yogscast, musicals, ect.

I'm an aspiring Astronomy student~


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Warning; this blog can be nsfw at times.
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I decided to put a warning to this, just in case.

A really, really sketchy comic, it’s so hot in here that I couldn’t be bothered to finish this properly!

Anyways, serial killer au, yeahh boiii!! This scene has been on my mind for at least a week and I wanted to draw it out, since I can’t really write that well. Basically Trott & Smiffy found Ross repeatedly stabbing a corpse they had murdered hours ago screaming ‘eat shit’ and laughing like a maniac. I like to think that Ross would frequently just snap and go absolutely bonkers, like this for example. 

I have no idea what goes trough my head when I come up with stuff like this.

man i only just got my letter from the school im going to like wow thanks for giving me a month to finish all the goddamn directions youve given me

but to be fair i dont have to take the placement test sine is took the sat and act twice and that doubles as the placement test