Hello friends, I'm Casey (or Queen)
18 | gender neutral | Pan/Demisexual

[They/Them pronouns if you'd please ^u^]

I like a lot of things including Legos, Transformers, anime, comcics, AH/RT, Yogscast, musicals, ect.

I'm an aspiring Astronomy student~


My art tag is casey arts.

Warning; this blog can be nsfw at times.
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What if people who have anxiety are just unaccustomed to the way the world works because this is the first incarnation of their soul on the earth? And confident people are at ease with the world because they have already been incarnated multiple times and, in a sense, already know how the world works.


What if it’s the other way around?

I don’t know which disturbs me more.

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My most popular post has received a lot of arguments lately, so I figured I’d respond to the most common points people bring up.


Carrie Fisher on her costumes 

what supermodels wear in hell

 on Padme’s wardrobe 

to get a general gist of Queen Jamillia’s and Oola’s screen time, here are the scripts for Attack of the Clones (Jamillia is in 359 word scene) and Return of the Jedi (Oola is in scenes that add up to 275 words)

Star Wars Bechedel Test results  here

Carries original statement was ‘I asked George (Lucas) if I could be more exposed (more screentime) and I got this (the bikini) of course, Carrie is an accomplished novelist, screenwriter and script doctor, but you can hear the sarcasm in that.