Hello friends, I'm Casey (or Queen)
18 | gender neutral | Pan/Demisexual

[They/Them pronouns if you'd please ^u^]

I like a lot of things including Legos, Transformers, anime, comcics, AH/RT, Yogscast, musicals, ect.

I'm an aspiring Astronomy student, and I really love corgis


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Warning; this blog can be nsfw at times.

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Id’ like to thank Blue for making me draw this- No matter what complete crap my art is, You made me draw Kagerou, which is something I’ve never done.

Yay Happy Birthday to bluedogdown! So Kagerou/PJ for ya’. I apologize I can’t art to save my life, let alone draw makeouts ^^;
But I hope you have a great day and eat lot’s of yummt things…and also you’re awesome! :D
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    eeee I LOVE IT X333 -saves to pirateship folder XD-
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    :DD I do hope you like it, I’m sorry I wis I could draw better but, eh. Aso I meant to put this picture out there at the...
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    Jesus Christ, Sara!! This’s good! I’m so sure Blue will like it! Hell, I like it!! This’s good! You’re good! *cries in...