Hello friends, I'm Casey (or Queen)
18 | Non-Binary | Pan

[They/Them pronouns if you'd please ^u^]

I like a lot of things including Legos, Transformers, anime, comcis (Marvel, and other obscure publishers), toys, and other stuff like movies and history.

I'm an aspiring Astronomy student, but despise calculus.


My art tag is casey arts and sara arts.

Id’ like to thank Blue for making me draw this- No matter what complete crap my art is, You made me draw Kagerou, which is something I’ve never done.

Yay Happy Birthday to bluedogdown! So Kagerou/PJ for ya’. I apologize I can’t art to save my life, let alone draw makeouts ^^;
But I hope you have a great day and eat lot’s of yummt things…and also you’re awesome! :D
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    eeee I LOVE IT X333 -saves to pirateship folder XD-
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    :DD I do hope you like it, I’m sorry I wis I could draw better but, eh. Aso I meant to put this picture out there at the...
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    Jesus Christ, Sara!! This’s good! I’m so sure Blue will like it! Hell, I like it!! This’s good! You’re good! *cries in...